Brand-new look for Kenyan athletics stars

A Kenyan company has developed a local brand of sportswear for the country’s elite, ensuring that when they compete internationally, their gear reflects a sense of national pride and commitment. Hussein Kurji, designer and head of operations for Kourage Athletics, said: “There are a lot of Kenyan athletes and you always see them wearing Nike and Adidas, and not something from their own country. We do have quite a good track record when it comes to running, so why not match that with an equally big clothing brand?”

The kit is designed, manufactured and managed in Kenya by locals at Viva Africa, a Kenyan owned and operated factory. Garments use the same type of quick-dry fabric as leading sports brands as Nike and Adidas, and are tested under extreme conditions, in snow on Mount Kenya and in the heat of the Rift Valley plains. Every purchase injects revenue back into the Kenyan economy.

From African Business